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After a long rest

USAS - Race Level 3 Meet

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Since my daughter aged up to 11/12 she has no longer got BB and A times in her weaker events so this weekend was a meet where she swam off strokes and new events. I don't have many events I can swim at this level but decided to swim the 100 fly this morning. I realized when I signed up that I had never swum a 100scy fly before(even in college). Growing up in England I swam scm and did the fly in that form many times. Yesterday my daughter did her first 200 breast and 200 fly and did awesome. This morning we headed to the pool together(this is my favorite part of the swim dad experience). She and I are very close but the drive to the meet is always special and this morning was no exception; we spoke swimming but she also told me she was proud of me but would be more proud if I did the 200 fly now she had done one.

It's a little awkward at these meets since I am the only master at them but I did the kids warm up off to the side. I try to let the kids be kids and not interfere; it seems to work best. I felt very sore from yesterday but did loosen up finally.

I was in the 10th event of the session and when it was my time to swim there was a mixup in my lane and I was not ready when the timer told me to step up. I did what I was told and it was fine but I was the last on the block and was not quite ready. As it turned out I swam in the wrong heat. That said I swam well and felt good until the final 10 yards and ended up going 56.x I could not see the .x but think it was 56.63. I hoped for a little quicker but I always do. It's hard to argue with a best time. I enjoyed the race and will swim it again. With some more training it could be an interesting event when I age up next year. I am also looking at a meet in the spring to do a 200 breast, 200 fly and 4 IM. My daughter beat me to them but I think I owe it to her.

Another fun fun day at the pool. I keep asking myself, why did I stop for 22 years?

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    That's so much fun that you can enjoy the same meet as your daughter. You two will look back on these special times years from now and have some great memories both at the meet and on the in-between times.