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I wanted to collect links to the OW swims I've done over the last few years in one place. Here they are:

2010 swims

2011 swims

2012 swims:

2013 swims
After a couple of busy seasons I took a break from marathon swimming and focused on something completely different: springboard diving! My first-ever competition was at the IGLA championships in Seattle. But I still did a few shorter OW swims:

2014 swims
I dipped a toe back into marathon swimming this year, and was part of some really wonderful events. I took a break from the blogbut feel free to PM me if youre looking for details about any of these swims:

  • Bay Bridge to Golden Gate swim (6 miles)
  • 2 Bridges 5K swim, Hudson River, Poughkeepsie, NY (results)
  • Stage 6 of the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim (Tappan Zee Bridge to George Washington Bridge, 15.7 miles) (results)
  • Swim the Kingdom Week--45 miles in 8 lakes over 9 days in Vermont and Quebec: Crystal Lake, VT (5 miles), Island Pond (4 miles), Echo Lake (12K), Lake Seymour (10K), Lac Massawippi (9 miles), Memphremagog (10K), Lake Willoughby (5 miles), and Caspian Lake (3 miles) (DNOWS article)
  • September: CIBBOWS Triple Dip 10K (results)

2015 Swims

May 6--Saguaro Lake (9.5 miles)
May 7--Canyon Lake (9 miles)
May 8--Apache Lake (17 miles)
May 9--Roosevelt Lake (10K)

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