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Spinning is a d-man's dream workout

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by , May 25th, 2009 at 03:42 PM (294 Views)
My wife and I are trying to get our oldest daughter in some semblance of "biking shape" for a week long bike tour that she's doing this summer with my wife. I took her today to both of our first ever spinning class at Lifetime. I LOVED IT. After bad aerobics class experiences back in High School, I've generally been skeptical about these new-fangled, faddish group classes, but I stand corrected about spinning. We only did 60 of the 90 minutes for the class, but it seems like an excellent way for me to build some solid aerobic endurance. Given that I've changed my freestyle in the last year by adding in a 4 to 6 beat kick throughout my races, but have felt that my mid to long distance races haven't been as good as I wanted, I think that adding at least one of these classes a week to my workout routine will be beneficial.

Prior to the spin class, I did two sets of light-ish weights on some standard arm exercises (incline bench, single arm row, lateral dumbbell raise, curls, tri press and lat pulldowns). After the spin class and a 30 minute break, I did a 30 minute core class, that one joined by both my wife (who had finished her run) and my daughter.

After a break from the hottest part of the day, we're going to spend some of the afternoon riding water slides back at Lifetime.

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  1. ourswimmer's Avatar
    I really like spinning as an aerobic supplement to swimming.

    If you decide to do a lot of cycling, indoors or out, be sure to invest in some hard-soled cycling shoes so that you don't hurt your feet. You don't have to spend $100+ per pair; I bought some truly atrociously ugly (color scheme: teal and purple) brand-new "touring" shoes on ebay for like $20 when I decided to go to spin class regularly.
  2. Ahelee Sue Osborn's Avatar
    Not sure if I have told you before, but I commute to work and ride my bike everywhere. No car.
    I think it can work, but you have to be very conscious of keeping your arms and upper body relaxed. If you don't, the fatigue really carries over in the pool.

    I tried to get some decent rest before Nationals, but it was really only a few days off the bike. I was worried since I still felt the miles in my body.

    Not to say that you are going to ride this much. But I hear "the thrill" in your words over spinning!
    Its' totally fun and I know what you mean about the classes. Especially when you get an instructor who nails down the music and intensity level you like.

    Have fun with it.