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RonJohn - Australia bound?

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by , November 17th, 2014 at 02:26 PM (72 Views)
I thought I was going to time my arrival at the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center yesterday in time to warmup and race my 400 breaststroke, but overestimated the impact that Ironman Arizona was going to have on traffic and parking. The result was that I actually got on deck with enough time to do a 300 warmup and jump on the blocks to swim my 50 fly, an event I had assumed I would miss.

Three words for three swims on Sunday - smoked, stoked and coped.

Smoked - 50 fly
Once I got there and figured out I could swim this, I viewed it more as a sprint portion of my warmup for the 400 breast and had no expectations of result. I was in a fun heat with Paul Smith a couple of lands over, a smoking fast young woman to my left, a few other speedy guys in my age group to my left and in other lands. The race was a blur, but I was very happy to see 28.42 on the clock ... even if that did mean 5th place in the heat and behind the woman (who I watched rocket past me with her most excellent SDK off the turn wall). I went a 27.62 at this meet in 2010 and a 28.14 in 2012, so this was a Top 3 time for me.

Stoked - 400 breast
I think that, if I ever really want a shot at National records, I must emigrate to Australia and focus on the 400 distances of the strokes. Based upon my swim today, I'd have broken the current 45-49 National record they keep for this event (*&js=on). My goal in this race was to get under 6:00 and I was really surprised to see 5:45.46 on the scoreboard when I finished it. I tried to focus throughout the race on long pushoffs (the only really strong part of my breaststroke) and a consistent stroke count (mostly 7s with a couple of 6s and then 8s in the last 100). Both the pullouts and my forearms started to burn near the end, but this was a very enjoyable race. It got me thinking that I need to do fun things like this in future meets. I think that next year I'll have to go for the 800 IM and 400 back Australian records, 10:53 and 5:05, respectively.

Coped - 200 breast
While I had a solid 2-2.25 hours of rest after the 400 and before my 200 breast, I was definitely not feeling the love of breaststroke after about the 75 mark of this race. The funny thing is that what has pained me and caused me to stop swimming this stroke in workouts has been my groin getting fatigued, but my legs held up perfectly. What was burning here were my forearms. Fortunately, as with the 100 SCM breast, I have only ever swum this once before at the 2012 version of this meet (after a 1500) where I went 2:44.62. When I limped into the finish and saw a 2:43.35, I could claim a solid best time ... even if I know that this is well slower than my 2:20 in SCY from Santa Clara this spring.

Meet summary
  • All-in-all, this was a very fun meet for me.
  • My decision to focus on off events and to take it with a lackadaisical attitude was absolutely right.
  • I went ahead and entered three events on the Friday session of the SPMA / Long Beach meet - 200 IM, 100 free (though I entered a 100 breast time and would swim it as such) and 200 back. I am still not sure if I will get there and almost for sure won't swim all three events, but hopefully can swim a couple.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Nice 400 breast. Glad you registered for the meet and hope it all works out.