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New Orleans

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Southern Masters SCM Swimming Championships,
UNO Pool -
Dec 6 - 7, 2014

New Orleans was fun

I swam slow in the meet, it was small and the sessions went by too quickly. It was a well run meet, they served lunch on Sat and the people were super nice.

Sat, I arrived late on & didnt warm up at all for my 50 fly, went 28.2
50 LCM fl 2013 27.0 in the & 27.5 this past summer

Cruised the 1 bk in a 1:06,
32.72 1:06.74
2 years ago I went 1:00.4

50 free was the very next event and I only went 26.4
think I was 25.4 last year

In my 50 bk I discovered the bk flags were set at 5 meters at the starting end and 5 yards at the turn end. When I turned over at the 25 in my 50, the wall was too close and I barely had room to flip. I felt like I lost speed & momentum.
Still went 29.5 was 29.1 last year & 27.8 the year before that

cruised my 200 IM
38.94 1:10.82
41.58 1:52.40
32.40 2:24.80

I should have gone to California & raced at the SPMA SCM Meet.

I'm frustrated & disappointed, yet inspired to be much better at SC nats.
I need to be much stronger and do more short fast timed swims in practice.

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  1. pwb's Avatar

    There is plenty of time to get ready for San Antonio.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Agree with Patrick.

    You have had your best results when you were doing race pace training ...

    I think it's difficult to be mentally ready to compete at a high level every year. And I can sympathize with you. I've having an off year and motivational issues myself. Don't be too hard on yourself!
  3. ande's Avatar
    Thank y'all,
    I'm gonna ramp up my race pace swimming & strength training around the beginning of March. San Antonio is definitely on my calendar.
    I went to New Orleans with Beth, Dane & Tess, we did a little vacation and everybody got the flu shortly after getting home so we're pretty sure we were infected there.

    Dec training was just survival and get back in shape. January's been better.