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Failed well on somewhat USRPT

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by , January 3rd, 2015 at 05:12 PM (89 Views)
I had a glorious, if chilly, walk to and fro he tJCC this morning for an hour long flow yoga class and a very short swim (by design). My goal was to do a 1K warmup and then see how many 50s (up to 10) I could do at target race pace with about 20 seconds rest. I'm not a USRPT afficianado, but vaguely recall that that 20 second RI was what he prescribed. Here's how it went in SCY:

Warmup (1,000 SCY)
  • 1 x 300: reverse IM, k-d-s by 25
  • 4 x 75: on 1:15, Indiana IM kick w/board
  • 6 x 50: on 0:45, free swim, descend in 3s, got down to 28s pretty easily
  • 4 x 25: on 0:30, odds easy, evens fast backstroke

Kind of USRPT 50s (500 set / 1,500 total):
  • 10 x 50: backstroke on 0:50, trying to see 0:30/0:31 on flipped finish, cruising the next one if I missed it
    • Made the 1st 4
    • #5 was a solid 0:32
    • #6 loafed free, but stayed on interval
    • #7 was another solid 0:32
    • #8 to #10, I did as active recovery on 0:40, 0:45

TOTAL: 1,500 SCY

  • I was actually pretty happy with the pace set as I was wearing a drag suit and had been struggling to see 0:31s on a touch finish in recent weeks. I did, however, get real tired, real quick.
  • As a bonus swim (I viewed my yoga as the main workout of the day), this was great.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I always find the race pace much harder than it looks like it should be. It's really hard physically.

    Despite the challenge you did great. I am not following USRPT but use some of the principals. When we started out on race pace training it took us a few weeks to work down from 50s on 1min to 50s on 50 which is about the prescribed 20-25 seconds rest on USRPT.

    I had a big break through in yoga today with my hips opening up. It was amazing, it was almost like I went from no flexibility in my hips and unable to do the stretches to being able to do all of the hip related stretches. I really love the yoga!