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Of Swimming Bondage

Going digital

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by , February 1st, 2015 at 08:28 PM (78 Views)
I was super-creaky in a 75 minute yoga class, grimacing to the point where the instructor came by and whispered something to the effect of, "Yoga's not supposed to be that hard and it should make you feel good." While she was wrong on the first part of that statement as it was very hard for me, I still felt awesome as I exited and then went down to the pool for a short sprint set.

I had intended to do a variation on my standard 1,500 warmup followed by 10 x 50 USRPT, but the old, analog pace clock was blocked out by construction guys doing something with a lift. After a 300 IM k-d-s, I slipped into a nice set of 4 x 300 free where I started with buoy, paddles and snorkel and stripped off one piece of equipment after each 300. In addition, I descended the 100s on each 300 by adding one stroke per lap and increasing the intensity per 100 (e.g., 10-11-12 SPL on the first 300, 11-12-13 SPL on the remaining 300s). By the time I had finished that, I realized with great joy that the construction work was to install a nice, big digital pace clock high enough up on the wall that I think it'll be visible at both ends of the pool, from any lane and in almost any type of sun. The only sub-par component to the JCC pool had been the analog clock, so now everything is perfect. I wasn't motivated (or feeling fast) for USRPT 50s and so went a set of 6 x 50 hard kick, 12 x 25 alternating easy and fast and then a 50 cool down.

I walked home feeling right near infinitely better than I did walking over.

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