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Of Swimming Bondage

Hug the wall

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by , February 9th, 2015 at 11:20 PM (80 Views)
My daughters' club team got a showing of the documentary, Touch The Wall (, shown in Scottsdale on Saturday. After a pretty decent AM cycling class at the JCC, I took #3 to it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, being the aging guy that I am, I related far more to the Kara Lynn Joyce storyline - even though she and I have about as much in common as, say, SpongeBob and Aquaman/woman. If you're reading this blog, then you are clearly a swimgeek and so I recommend checking it out if it is coming to a theater near you -

My swims at the end of the week, though, were more akin to "hugging" the wall than "touching" the wall (in the victorious sense of the movie). Even though I was home all week and ended up having a relatively good week, holistically, of training (between yoga and cycling), my pool time was more limited than I wanted and, when I went there, was pretty piss-poor in terms of performance. I made two attempts of my Hackett 400 IMs ( and Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, but was so pitiful on the first round of each that I ended up bagging the rest of it. I did manage a solid set of 5 x 300s pull descend on 3:30 after that failure on Saturday, descending down from 3:23 to 3:09, but couldn't put together anything of note after my failure on Sunday.

I flew over to LAX very early this morning, had a stressful and interesting day of work, and will just satisfy myself with some hotel room yoga tonight. I will try to get back on the program tomorrow and take my own medicine from here -

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