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2|21|15 and 2|22|15 SCY State meet

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by , February 22nd, 2015 at 05:07 PM (908 Views)
Was sick Wednesday to last night, bad timing. Had aches and other bug-virus related crud.

Men 25+ 200 freelay with me as leadoff: 25.63. Was like a turtle off the block yet surprised.

50 Free: 25.62 Goal was to top prior performance. Breathed twice on way back.

Mixed 45+ 200 free, anchor swimmer: 25.91, did standard relay type of start but nearly hit the bottom lol. Ain't doing that again.

Sunday (feeling a little better)
100 Free: 27.59 (31.32) 58.91 very bad #2 turn, on deep side, breathed every right. I can quickly improve my 100 some

Mens 35+ 200 IM relay anchor: 24.66 breathed 0 out and 2 back, had to catch-up, which fired me up.

Mixed 35+ 200 free relay: 24.79 breathed 1 out and 1 back turned crooked. I noticed feet ahead in left lane and motivated me to catch, was so close. Wasn't really enthusiastic a first as I was ready to go home, but the motivation hit after the turn.

This is from my phone, hope it posts ok

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