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How Can We Help? (March-April 2015)

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by , March 1st, 2015 at 12:00 AM (2757 Views)
We receive a variety of correspondence at the U.S. Masters Swimming National Office, located in Sarasota, Fla. Sometimes readers write about articles theyve read here in SWIMMER. Sometimes its a reply-to directly from our eNewsletter series, STREAMLINES. Members and potential members also contact us through our website, Theres even a field where one can leave a general comment when registering or renewing USMS membership.

Some of the comments are compliments; some are not. This is a good thing, as we need your honest feedback to do our jobs well. Regardless of where you live or why or how much you swim, you deserve the best membership experience possible.

So, whos on the other end of that keyboard when you press send?

Ive written about our amazing publications staff here before, and our executive director, Rob Butcher, and education director, Bill Brenner, and their activities and respective insider and coach education blogs. Kyle Deery works closely with Rob and with our passionate USMS sponsors, in addition to working behind the scenes on our National Championship events. Marianne Groenings supports Bill with our rapidly expanding educational products in coach certification and adult learn-to-swim instructor certification.

But the entire USMS staff works together on your membership.

Anna Lea Matysek, a longtime swimmer, volunteer, and engineer in Kansas City before she became our membership director, is the one who receives all those comments from the registration software. She and Tracy Grilli, our longest-tenured staffer and a member of the Mighty Mermaids (an impressive sextet of open water swimmers who tackle big swims), go out of their way every day to answer questions large and small from our members. They have literally heard it allIm not sure theres a question they cant answer, given their combined total of 57 years experience inside USMS.

Our chief financial officer, Susan Kuhlman, is a new swimmer and triathlete. She comes from a cycling background, but her passion for USMS is contagious. She runs the financials to meet the strictest levels of professionalism and transparency. In the nonprofit world, this is a monumental task. Kathy Anderson supports her in this effort, handling our bank accounts and payables with such humor and good cheer that she brightens the entire office. Claudia Woods, a lifelong swimmer, is our office manager. She keeps us in line and supports us, in equal measure, so that we can support you. There isnt a single staffer she doesnt assist in some form or another. Claudia is a superhero.

Jim Matysek, creator and architect of, leads the information technology staff. Hes another lifelong swimmer and longtime USMS volunteer. As with Anna Lea and Tracy, his institutional knowledge runs deep. From repelling hackers to helping recover lost passwords, hes done it all for users. Jeff Perout, a lifelong swimmer and scholar, has a broad background in software development, including accounting software packages, and spearheads the financial end of our registration software tools. Longtime Minnesota swimmer and volunteer Nancy Kryka and her husband, Jim Kryka, retired to Sarasota after successful software development careers at a Fortune 500 company. But to our distinct advantage, they couldnt stay retiredtheyve joined the staff and are hard at work modernizing the back-end architecture of and will be contributing to exciting new features.

So the next time you write to us, if you want to know who will be answering your question or resolving an issue for you, take a peek at our staff bios and pictures.

We love swimming and we love working for USMSlet us know how we can help you make the most out of your membership.

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