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1K "Sprint"

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by , March 16th, 2015 at 12:47 AM (99 Views)
If I was a real stud and in awesome shape, I'd explain that I entered the 1000 at a meet called the "Sprinters Spectacular" because, like Ms. Ledecky, I simply view that as a long sprint. Alas, I'm not Katie Ledecky and my tempo never approached sprint speed, except maybe those last 5 yards into the finish. While I didn't achieve the warp speed I wanted to (e.g., sub 10:10), I still managed to get a Masters non-tech suit best of 10:22.05. Putting this into perspective ...
  • My best dates all the way back to 2002 Nationals where I had gone 10:22.63
  • In late January of 2012, I was 10:25+. I went on to have an awesome Nationals later that spring, though I didn't swim the 1000 again.
  • I did, though, see three swims in full body suits ranging from 9:54 to 10:00 back in the '09 to '11 era. I know it's hard to adjust for bodysuits vs. jammers, but those all were certainly better than today.

Like last year ( where I was 10:56.93, I went in with a specific stroke count plan and did a pretty good job of executing it:
  • 1st 100 going 10-11-11-12 SPL by 25
  • Next 200 hold 12 SPL ...
    • Check split at 300 on board and if at 3:03 or better, continue to hold 12SPL

  • I was 3:07+, though, and shifted to 13 SPL for the next 300
  • I was planning on checking my splits at the 600 and 800, but the sun and backstroke flags conspired against me.
  • I shifted up to 14 SPL after the 600 and then was at 15 SPL by about the 850.

I'll be interested in seeing my splits. It was an intriguing swim for me. While I have, in effect, rested the last couple of weeks, it was less a taper than forced time away from the water. I did throw on a tech jammer, but wasn't shaved. Someday I might just swim this at Nationals.

As for the rest of the meet, here's what happened:
  • 25 fly from bulkhead (no blocks) at 12.45
  • 50 breast was 31.61, which is respectable as my best is 30.80 and I was 31.8 last year at this time
  • 100 fly was 58.20, which is crummy and felt bad, but was better than I was last year in April (58.57).

I had to skip the 100 IM to take a work call and blew off the 25 breast since they were starting from the bulkhead.

As for the big outcome of today, I have decided to enter Nationals. I'm still not sure if "life" and work will permit me to go, but the 1000 convinced me that, if I am able to go, while I might not have the meet of my life, I should be able to be respectable.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Nice job Patrick! That 50 breast was pretty fast for coming after a 1000. See you in San Antonio. I'm in the same boat. Not swimming at my best right now, but hoping for a decent showing and some fun.