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Splits and split decision

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by , March 17th, 2015 at 08:36 PM (102 Views)
Got the splits from my 1000 this weekend and I am now even happier with how evenly I swam it:
  • By 500s
    • 5:11.52
    • 5:10.53

  • By 200s
    • 2:03.8
    • 2:05.4
    • 2:04.5
    • 2:05.1
    • 2:03.2

  • 100s
    • Average 1:02.0
    • Fastest 1:00.26 (last 100)
    • Slowest 1:03.90 (3rd 100)

The odd thing is that I have been doing almost no "traditional" endurance training. I haven't been doing USRPT, but certainly have (when not loafing or cut short) been doing the majority of my workouts with a shorter distance repeat and a race pace focus. Whatever I have been doing, though, I've got enough endurance. It also shows me that the 12 SPL on my first three 100s is probably too low and creates too slow a stroke rate. That's good feedback.

As for the split decision, I am internally debating what events I should actually enter at Nationals. Here's what I know:
  • I will only enter events on Friday and Saturday
    • Primarily to limit my travel time
    • Secondarily because I think the OOE on Sunday isn't compelling enough to stick around for

  • I want to have one "core" event each day and two fun/off events
    • Those fun/off events will be events I've never raced shaved/tapered/suited up in my Masters career

  • Here's what I am struggling with on Friday
    • Fun events will be - 50 breast and 100 back
    • Core event - I cannot decide between the 400 IM and the 200 free.
      • Normally, this is a no brainer and I do the 400 IM. The only Nationals I went to where I didn't swim the 400 IM was 2011 in Mesa (where I pretended to be a sprinter) and it was somewhat difficult for me to watch the race.
      • On the other hand, the only race that truly sucked for me at Santa Clara was the 400 IM, so maybe I need to take a year away from it?
      • My freestyle is feeling great this year and I really have enjoyed all of the freestyle racing I have done so far.

  • Saturday
    • The core event is absolutely the 500 since I already committed to the Blue Bell / Shiner Bock challenge
    • After that, though, I really struggle.
      • I think I should skip both the 200 fly and 200 back since I just swam them in San Antonio.
      • The 100 IM is always fun, but I've got some "history" with that event that might make it more "core" than "fun."
      • That leaves the 100 breast, which I can get behind, and the 50 free, which usually ends up being frustrating because I miss a start or a turn.

As for actual training, I am pleased to say that my home pool was warm enough on Monday morning for a 1,500 warmup swim before flying over to Burbank. Today will end up being a wash for training as I had to do a day trip between Burbank and San Diego. I will say that the flight down was one of the best I've done - a 9 seater Cessna hugging the coast line on Sea Port Airlines. Hopefully, the flight back north is just as beautiful and I get in a good workout tomorrow morning.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Do 200 free on Friday! I've found over time that I should always enter the events that I'm psyched to swim, not the events that I "should" swim.

    I find myself unable to do any true USRPT sets. However, I do have a firm belief in race pace training. And it seems to be working in your case.