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Getting your Masters program listed on Places to Swim

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by , December 15th, 2014 at 12:00 AM (666 Views)
Q: Will my program automatically be added to Places to Swim on the website when I register a new club?

A: No. The Places to Swim database is organized by facility and a request for each facility must be made by a club or facility contact. If your program uses multiple facilities, you'll want multiple entries.

To submit or modify a listing:

  • Go to the Places to Swim web page
  • Enter the city and state or zip code of your location
  • Add a new listing by clicking on the link under the map
  • Modify your listing by clicking on the link under your current information

Places to Swim is one of the most visited pages at Viewers looking for pools with Masters programs include:

  • New swimmers
  • Swimmers relocating to a new area
  • Swimmers looking for pool or club options
  • Traveling swimmers
  • Triathletes and open water enthusiasts
  • Adults interested in taking swimming lessons

Places to Swim should serve as a marketing tool for attracting new members to your pool and Masters program. Highlight your strengths and include the following information in your listing:

  • Location. Add the specific street address that viewers can input into their GPS devices.
  • Club name. List the club name registered with USMS.
  • Workout times. If times vary, refer to your program's website listed below.
  • Contact. Coach's name, credentials, phone number, and email address. Or, the pool contact information.
  • Website. If your program has a website, list it here for more information.
  • Miscellaneous info. This can include fee information, though I recommend referring to the website for your current fee structure. If you offer an adult learn-to-swim program, mention it here. Also, list the types of athletes your program welcomes.
    1. New swimmers (if you offer free trial memberships, list the information)
    2. Swimmers of all abilities
    3. Fitness swimmers
    4. Competitive swimmers
    5. Triathletes
    6. Open water swimmers
    7. Social group swimmers (list typical social activities)
    8. Visitors (include drop-in fee information and required USMS membership notice)

Below each listing is the date the information was added or last modified. I recommend updating the listing as soon as new information is available or every six months if the information is the same. Why update if there are no changes? You want the modification date to be relatively current so the viewer knows that the listing is more likely to be accurate.

In the future, USMS will be adding more features to the Places to Swim webpage to provide enhanced information for our clubs, coaches, instructors, and new and current members.

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