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Long Run Sunday May 31

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Just in from my long run this morning. I had trouble sleeping; did something to my left shoulder and I seem to always wake up sleeping on it. Plus with the sun rising earlier, I get up early...
Anyway, the Nike+ details (it worked!)--
distance: 16.34 miles
time: 2 hrs, 19 min, 25 sec
avg pace: 8:31/mile
calories: 2028
I started just after 6:30am, and there seemed to be quite a few people out on the trail, most running. Weather wasn't bad, about 68F and cloudy when I started, around 80F when I finished (I think the high today will be about 100F).
I really really tried to keep my pace in check; it is so easy to go out fast and kill yourself. With these long runs I really have to pace myself, especially in the first few miles. That said, I mostly kept an 8 to 8:30 pace for much of the run. My graph zig-zags a bit, I think based on some of the music playing.
Think I'm gonna go jump in the backyard pool, then have some breakfast!

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