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Workout 05/05/15: evening

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Today is my day off but I had a meeting at the main office just west of Albany, NY, and took advantage of the dry (and warm) weather to ride my motorcycle. This is noteworthy because I will be paid for riding my motorcycle - mileage and an hour of travel! This doesn't happen often but is really cool when it does. At the meeting I was one of the top four pharmacists recognized for preforming MTM (Medication Therapy Management) services over the last year, so that was cool.

I arrived home in time to pack my swim bag and head to the Rec for Masters. As ususal, I tried to come up with a fun (albeit nerdy) workout in honor of Cinco De Mayo ...

Uno: 500 warmup (200 swim/100 kick/200 pull)
Dos: 5 x (200 on 3:30, 100 on 2:00)
Tres: 5 deep water bobs
Quatro: 5 x 50 on 1:10 (1-4: Quarter's Strong, 5: FAST)
Cinco: 5 x 25 (decrease stroke count each time) then 125 loosen and out
(Rec/Masters/2500 yds/60 min)
I did my Build a 200 IM (50 stroke fast IMO into 150 DPS with snorkel; last 200 was IM on 2:47) and kicked the 100's (finished right at 1:30 which was a bonus).
I did the 50's all backstroke, and the fast one was :31 with a flip. On the 25's, I did 12,12,11,10,10,8 (but the last one was almost catch-up drill )

Today also would have been my dad's 71st birthday. It is neat checking out some old pics from family on various social media.

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