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Of Swimming Bondage

SwimJitsu and Swim Sedona

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by , June 22nd, 2015 at 09:03 PM (142 Views)
This past weekend was full of swimming and fun, but so much fun that I was completely wasted and sore by the time Sunday evening rolled around. I jumped in my pool this morning before getting on a flight to San Francisco, with the intent of doing a stretch out 1,000, but almost couldn’t move my arms and ended up doing a 100 IM kick without a board. I’ll do some light yoga at my Airbnb pad tonight and see if I have the energy to swim again tomorrow morning.

Saturday night at the Swimjitsu Races
I highly, highly encourage anyone who has an instance of SwimJitsu ( coming to a pool near you to do it. My three daughters and I signed up for the evening wave, 6 to 8pm, and the event was held at the fabulous Phoenix Swim Club pool. Think of this as a water-borne combination of the TV shows Wipe Out and American Ninja Warrior, a big obstacle course of inflatables interspersed with a smidgen of swimming. This is run by USASwimming and is part of their (stupidly named, IMHO) #FunnestSport campaign to grow the base of swimmers. They had four earlier waves during the day that were only open to 18 & unders, but we wanted to do this as a family and the night wave allowed for all ages.

I ended up running the course 4 times over the about 2 hours we were there, but probably could've gotten in a couple more runs if I hadn't stopped to video tape my older two daughters on one of their runs and also done another kickboard obstacle course against my youngest daughter, where she once again proved herself the superior kicker. I did two of my main SwimJitsu runs with her, as well, and she bested me on both of those. Nothing like getting smacked down by a 12 year old, 4'9" girl to make a big man feel small!

Fortunately, I gained some 'course wisdom' on those runs before facing off against my older two daughters and managed to redeem a small portion of my ego by beating each of them. Here's me and my middle daughter:

It is A LOT harder than it looks.

We all had a blast doing this and I was really happy to see many ages represented. I was talking with one of the Phoenix Swim Club Masters coaches as we walked out and we both agreed that this would be a blast to do at the end of a Masters meet. We need to get a future host of Nationals to have an optional extra day of Swimjitsu competition.

Sore & Sorry Swim Sedona Sunday
I got up bright and early on Sunday to get up to Sedona for the 8am warmups for our Masters meet there. While the time was early and the sun was bright, my body was sore and slow. While I knew I was using muscles I was not used to using during my SwimJitsu runs the night before, and I was huffing and puffing on each of the runs, I didn't realize how hard I had worked at having fun until I rolled out of bed Sunday morning. Forget an achy breaky heart, I had an achy breaky body. But, what the hell, I thought, as I was really looking forward to swimming at one of the most beautiful pool settings I've ever been to ...

... and had the time off to do it.

I didn't feel much better in warmup and wasn't all that excited about the 1000 that I had entered. I saw that Kurt Dickson was entered, but hadn't seen him around warmups and so I made a deal with myself - if Kurt showed up, I'd try to hang with him; if he didn't, I'd try to swim a 1000 IM. Kurt did show up, I did try to hang with him, but by the 75 or maybe the 100, neither my heart nor body was in it. I just had no energy or motivation to push this. Kurt lapped me around the 700 or so and I got it into my mind that I'd try to hang with him then, but I gave up that ghost after less than 25 of trying. I felt really bad for not at least giving him some semblance of a racing partner, but that's what I had for the day.

I did enjoy the rest of my swims and the meet, but, with the exception of a halfway acceptable 26.1 in the 50 fly, the times were pretty pathetic (e.g., 2:14.3 in the 200 IM and 1:02.4 in the 100 IM when I've never gone above 2:10 or 1:00 in ANY Masters meet in those events). I can't tell if it was the SwimJitsu, the altitude (Sedona is about 4,500 feet above sea level) or the fact that I've just come off two great weeks of training both in the pool and out of it. But, whatever, it was an AWESOME, fun swimming weekend.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    That does look like a lot of fun. When I read Swimjitsu I had a mental image of you dressed in a sumo wrestler suit doing a wipeout course. Obviously my mental image was wrong, but it looks like a blast.
  2. pwb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StewartACarroll
    That does look like a lot of fun. When I read Swimjitsu I had a mental image of you dressed in a sumo wrestler suit doing a wipeout course. Obviously my mental image was wrong, but it looks like a blast.
    It is. You should host one at Rockwall -