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There is a road...

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It runs parallel to the Gulf of Mexico right along the beach in some sections of Florida. When I first moved here I measured the distance on my bike speedometer from one of the scatterings of high rises to another high rise equaling a bit more than half a mile. Therefore swimming up and back from one building to another is a hair more than 1 mile.

Well, today I planned on swimming at the pool, but once again it was closed for cleaning. So I said to myself Lets check out the beach.It is a very, dark gloomy day which is great because no sun, no hot! The water was very glassy and it felt like velvet. I didnt think there was a current. Usually I like to get the difficult half (current against me) over first. But there was no battle. In fact I felt like I was just cruising along. It was great. The way back however was not tedious but, a little bit tough.

I had planned to do a stick to it workout in the pool, but ended up mostly free swimming different stroke I felt like at any time. Sometimes there was no rush, so I rushed. Other times there was no rests, so I didnt rest. If felt exactly like the opposite of a workout yet I still got in a good paced one mile swim. No worries!
I have a lot of swimming to do to get ready for the 5K Aug 23. Oops I did it again. Blogging makes me stick to my swimming. How does that work?

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