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Battling the Elements

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There werent a lot of cars on the road, but it was like dodging bullets with the ones that were. One guy crossed right in front my bike in the bike lane lane to turn into a parking lot. Then he just stopped in front of me! I pulled on the reins, Whoa Nellie. Now for me it may as well be a body slam to put on the brakes, and drop my hard bottom cleats traveling at 15 MPh. Ugh! I didnt fall, but I was fumin. ( And it takes a lot for me to show Im fumin.) I scolded the guy and he actually apologized.

Next, it was hot and then for the finale, just when I thought it was safe to go into the water, the last 10 miles before jumping in the Gulf, the ultimate destination a squaw passed over sending 10MPH winds and hail.

Did you ever try to ride into a strong wind? It feels like your riding in sand. I caved. No swim. I am still achy, but chopin at the bit to get in the water.

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