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It was 93 and humid...

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but I had to get out there. So, I started out on my bike and rode 20 miles. It was brutal because of the temp. I cant wait for cooler weather. I almost through in the towel as for swimming in the Gulf, but the idea of any form of water lured me in. The sea was warm on top and cool about 3 feet below. Perfect for doing some hypoxic swims, but without flippers. (I know fins is the terminology. I just like saying flippers.) That cool water kept me going as I would dive beneath the ocean whenever the blazing sun became too much on my skin. What a great gift from the sea gods to be able to dive across the line between the hot and cold intermittently for some relief, while also getting in some oxygen deprivation training.

Speed was not happening, so I focused mostly on my strokes. In the free I would breathe every third stroke, also being aware of my catch (USMS Article). Plus I did some kicking drills, backstroke drills and breastroke. Trying to swim smarter and for distance. Well the distance was not so goodjust a hair under a mile, so the sun won. Oh well tomorrow is another day. Better start out early to get ahead of that sun.

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Yep, running and cycling in the heat of summer can be brutal indeed. I like to think that training in it just makes a more intense workout

    As far as in the sea, Aruba is about perfect for swimming throughout the year. Min temps - 78F (Mar) and max temps - 83F (Oct). I miss it already, blasting through the ocean with fins on
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    That 's a good way to look at it. As long as I keep drinking H2O I am only getting tougher. Today with the humidity they say it will be 103.

    I have Aruba on my mind. Checked out and the island looks interesting. I wonder if they have a place to stay like Bonaire where you can take a truck and your gear to dive sites right off the beach plus the usual group boat dives.