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Meet 08/06/15: USMS Nationals day 1

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Had a good night sleep and woke up before my alarm, mostly because the other swimmers in the hotel lent a hand! haha Grabbed some oatmeal and a coffee from before we hit the road to the pool, getting there a little after 7am. Once on deck, I met fellow New England swimmer Dick and his wife. We had made arrangements last night to count each other's 800, so it was nice to have that taken care of.

I jumped in for warmups and swam 1000 metter, including one burst and cruise from the blocks while trying out the wedge blocks. After counting for Dick, who had a great swim, I went to the warmup pool (which seemed to have cooled down nicely) for a quick 200yds.

My goal for the 800 was to take it out easy and controlled then build each 100. This was my first time swimming this event and felt good through the 350 mark before tightening up a bit. I focused on lengthening my stroke out and felt better at the 550 mark and pushed it to the finish. Felt my stomach do some flips for the last 150, so I feel like I left it all out there. Finished with a 10:56.62. I'll be interested to see the splits to see how well I stuck to my plan en route to a personal best

Updated Splits:
800m FREE: 10:56.62
34.83 1:13.41 (38.58)
1:52.70 (39.29) 2:33.54 (40.84)
3:15.14 (41.60) 3:57.42 (42.28)
4:40.43 (43.01) 5:22.64 (42.21)
6:05.02 (42.38) 6:48.90 (43.88)
7:31.55 (42.65) 8:14.51 (42.96)
8:56.93 (42.42) 9:37.63 (40.70)
10:18.59 (40.96) 10:56.62 (38.03)

My plan to descend 100's didn't hold up very well, and the middle of my race was a bit slow due to my tightening up, but I am still happy with the swim. Chad from Cali came in first and had an excellent swim, his first Nationals win.

Afterwards I met some other NEMer's before a 400yd warmdown. Preston and I spent the rest of the day exploring the area - the shortest covered bridge in America is right here in town, took a short walk at Geneva State Park, drove along the lake to Ashtabulah for lunch at Briquettes, then found the longest covered bridge in America (4th in the world), which is pictured below,as we made our way back to the hotel. After a quick pit stop, we drove around a bit, getting a pop at Ree's Soda Fountain in Gevena. I think they say pop up this way. Now I am ready for a busy day tomorrow.

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Updated August 9th, 2015 at 09:19 PM by rxleakem

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Great job!
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    Continued success and thanks for the update on your journey!
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Despite the pressure I often put on myself, I really do enjoy the opportunity to compete. This has been a really fun meet for me. It's nice to be relaxing right now