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After a long rest

USMS summer Nationals Day 2

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I decided to not take an alka seltzer before heading to bed and slept well but woke very congested. This cleared once I got up and ate breakfast.

The warmup pool was really crowded today compared to day 1. I felt good in the warmup with no ill affects from yesterday's 800.

Today I just had one event, the 200m back and I was very optimistic I would swim well.

I had quite a long wait ahead of the 200 and went for a second warmup about 30 minutes before the race and once again the pool was like a zoo as people were warming up and down after the 50 free.

I wanted to take the 200 out in 1:06 with the hope of coming back in 1:10 or faster. I had a good start and felt great on the first 50. I had a good turn and breakout and felt strong on the second 50 turning in 1:06. On the 3rd 50 I tightened up significantly and at about half way knew I was in trouble with my arms in particular hurting like never before. At 150 I misjudged the turn slightly and came off the wall shallow and was spent. I came 2nd which was good but my time was awful and I have not felt that bad on the second 100 of a back race ever. I don't know why I tied up but I did big time.

I am not upset but I don't like dieing and have not really had that issue with my swimming before. I took a nice long warm down after catching my breath and tried to forget about the race.

Tomorrow I have the 100 free and the 50 back.

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Updated August 8th, 2015 at 07:03 PM by StewartACarroll

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