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(30 x 25) + (30 x 50) = PAIN

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by , August 8th, 2015 at 06:40 PM (1355 Views)
Didn't feel too sore after the workout on Wednesday, though I took it easy the last couple of days (3K easy on Thursday and just messing around in the San Marcos River yesterday with the boys... trying to beat the heat). Got back into Waco this afternoon and headed over to the YMCA where I decided to continue with the theme of swimming my dream paces at shorter reps and with a little more rest than usual. Today's work/rest ratio was back down to 2:1, though, for the 30:00 long set. This was still way more comfortable than the 4:1 work:rest ratio I usually give myself.

Nonetheless, as I got out of the pool and into the shower I could already feel myself stiffening up. Especially the left shoulder. I probably need to do some strengthening and stretching (weights and yoga) since it's been forever since I've done any of that. I know I need to do it for injury prevention, but it's been tough over the last year just to work the swims into the schedule. Now as we're coming out of our transition I need to start reintegrating some of these things into my life... drylands, ugh!

Today: 4600 SCY in 90 minutes. Here's how it went:

Warm-up (1500/27:00):
6 x 200 fr on 3:20 (evens pull w/ buoy)
200 EZ back on 4:00
100 fr w/ long fins
~1:00 rest

30 x 25 fr on :30*

*did these with the long fins at my 100 fr goal pace; so they were coming in at :14-:16 (nearly as I could tell) which gave me :15 rest. I wanted to try stretching out my ankles and give my legs a workout at the same time that I wanted to feel what the 100 goal-pace should feel like, without killing myself... not a sprinter! Then I went straight into...

30 x 50 fr on :20 RI**
150 EZ BK recovery on 4:00
1 x 100 fr in 1:20 (1650 dream pace)

**These I was doing somewhere between my 200 pace and my dream pace for 1650. I wanted to hold under :40. The first five I was just getting my legs back and getting used to swimming w/o fins again... they were wild but all in the :36-:39 range. for these first five, I just went on 1:00 even. After that I held the :20 rest and was very consistently coming in at :39 for the next 22 reps or so, then my pace slowed back down to :40 for the last 2-3. Still, I was very happy with this, because I managed to do 1500 at the dream pace for 1650 (or slightly faster).

3 x 200 EZ (pull, drill w/ fins, pull)

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