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40 x 25 on :40

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by , August 12th, 2015 at 01:20 PM (3077 Views)
In keeping with the theme of lots of rest and focus on pace and form I decided to go with 40 x 25 on :40 for my main set... the 25s were to be on or a little faster than 1650 dream pace which would leave me just a little over :20 rest. I felt refreshed and energetic for the entire set, in fact my form felt smoother and I even incorporated flip turns in the last half of the work out. The 1:1 work:rest ratio might not be helping my distance/aerobic fitness, but it is helping me lock in form and the feel of a particular pace.

Here's the workout:

Warm-up (1800/32:00):
6 x 200 fr on 3:20 (evens pull w/ buoy)
6 x 100 kick w/ long fins on 2:00 (alt. by 100: front w/ board, side, back streamline)

MS1 (1000/27:00):
40 x 25 fr on :40
:20 rest

MS2 (400/7:00):
1 x 50 fr on 1:00 (:39, felt smooth, not hard)
6 x 50 kick w/ long fins on :50 (alt. by 50s: front, side, bk)
1 x 50 fr on 1:00 (:39*)

Cool-Down (300/5:00)
3 x 100 relaxed fr on 1:40 (odds pull w/ buoy)

TOTAL: 3500 SCY/1:12:00

*Usually toward the end of a 3000+ workout, my 50s can be ragged unless I back off to a :43-:45, especially the day after a sprint day, but this :39 felt pretty smooth and in no way desperate of frenzied.

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