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Wed., Aug. 19

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Tuesday was a bit of a lost day for me. I was awoken by thunder storms at 5:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep. This wouldn't faze some folks, like Stewart. But when you're a night owl, it's brutal. All I could do was take my dog on a long walk.


Swim/LCM/Solo @ Lebo

500 various
4 x (25 scull + 25 DPS free)
4 x 25 fast + 25 EZ @ 1:15
50 EZ
24 x 50 w/fins
odds = fast @ 100 pace
evens = EZ
4 x fly (29s), 4 x breast (33s), 4 x kick (29-31)
150 EZ

Total: 2300 m

Heated Vinyasa Yoga, 85 minutes

I went to a 75 minute class, but it ended up being more. It was extremely toasty and suffered bc of it.


Going to keep going to Lebo, which is the only pool available this week. Next week, the only pool that I have access to is Sewickly unless I go to adult swim at night at Lebo. But 8:15 is not a convenient time, and a bit late to work out as well.

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