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Bike and Swim...

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I got some some more hypoxic training on my 20 mile bike ride down to the inlet and back. Every time I passed road work or building constructions or guys blowing cut grass into the street I held my breath.

Then I went down to the Gulf. It was flat as a pancake. I swam from one high rise and back to another equaling a mile. Saw thousands of minnows and one striped fish about 2 feet long. I kept my eyes out on the horizon for triangles, after all it was shark week recently and there might be a few straggler still celebrating. Not even a jib and a main sail triangle in sight. No motor boats, eitherquiet.

I am nervous about the postal swim on Sunday. Its been a few years since I swam a 5k, but I also look forward to the camaraderie. It should be fun.

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