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Sunday 08232015: Beware of Barracuda 5k

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by , August 23rd, 2015 at 09:24 PM (118 Views)
I flew into ABE last Wednesday. The trip here was quite an adventure. Evidently some storms had moved through Charlotte just before my flight landed. We were stuck on the plane for 2 hours on the ground, then my connection was delayed, about 3 hours by the time we left. I was just glad my flight didn't cancel, the, "special services," lines were crazy long!

I did this swim last year and have decided it is a great time to come in, visit family, and get in a swim while I'm here in Pennsylvania. the registration is only $25, so if the weather is crummy, or I'm not feeling great, it isn't the end of the world to skip it.
weather today was great! I left my Mom's around 7:30, for an 8:45 start, which should have been plenty of time.
for some reason I used Siri to guide me, which was a HUGE mistake. I had an idea where to go, and should have just trusted my instincts. Siri had me driving all over the place, what should have been a 20 min drive turned into an hour +. then I had to walk a bit from my there just as they were playing the national anthem.

I did get to start with the group. I had put on my squarecut before leaving home, thankfully. grabbed my goggles, put on my timing chip, and off I went.
the first loop was mostly just relaxing and getting a feel for the water, I felt pretty good.
on the 2nd loop, some relay people passed me, I felt ok.
the 3rd loop, again more relay people, then toward the end the lead guy (who won) passed me toward the end.
my left shoulder was starting to feel sore on that 4th loop. and there was a bit of jockeying among swimmers. I think more relay people, one guy seemed like he just flew by me, and I passed a few people (I think I lapped a few, I noticed some get back in after I finished).

my guess is water temp was 75F. not bad, but I'd prefer a little cooler. last year was 72 and I thought that was better.
my time this year was 1:33:00.3 -v- last year of 1:33:16.2. so I guess I did get my wish, I beat my a hair

here's a picture I took of the lake after I finished:

It took me a good 15 min before I felt up to walking back to the car. heck after I finished I could hardly even walk.

after I got back to my Mom's, I rode with my sister, her husband, and 2 kids to the water park at Montage Mountain! more water. actually the lake felt warmer than the lazy river. we did all of the slides, some several times (her one son loves the speed slides, must have done that 10 times)
there's a zipline there which we were thinking of doing. a woman nearby overheard us and gave us free passes! (she is a season pass holder and they get a bunch) I had never done a zipline before, and it was fun. got some great views of Scranton from up there (well as great as views of Scranton can be )

then to top off the day, we went to King's Pizza for dinner on the patio to wrap things up (my mom, another sister, and her husband joined us):

(even though Mountain Top doesn't have a large population, there's an unusually high number of pizza places in town, and most are pretty good)

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Sorry for the travel woes, but glad you got the swim in. It sounds like you had a hugely full day, so some R&R is in order.
  2. mcnair's Avatar
    Nice job in spite of the hurried start... great report!
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Awesome swim and report, Tim!