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Workout 08/22/15: OW Raponda

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by , August 22nd, 2015 at 10:40 PM (1116 Views)
I woke up early today to help escort my friend Tim. He concocted a homegrown Iron Man triathlon, swimming 2.4 miles over at Raponda, then a 112 mile bike ride through three states, and finally a marathon 26.2 mile run. All on his own, which has to be the most difficult thing to do!

I was able to stay for half of his swim before leaving for work. Tim was smooth in the water and had a lot of friends to help - Melissal, Rachel (fresh off their IM Mount Trebulant in Canada last week), and Rachel's husband were on SUPs, Tim's oldest son kayaked, and Carol swam the whole way.

He finished in just over 14 hours (he had some issues during the run and ended up powerwalking for over half the distance) to a crowd of 50 or more cherring at the finish line at our local HS. A great feat!

Some pics I took can be found here on fb.

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