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First Practice w/ new Masters team...

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by , September 4th, 2015 at 09:25 AM (3102 Views)
...well, new for me. It was fun, only two other guys and the coach today. Nice to swim with someone else for a change, and we seemed all to be swimming in the same time ranges. Here's what we did:

300 fr EZ (coach calls this DPS, I'm not really awake at this point so it's EZ)
200 fly drill
300 br (negative split--I was happy just to finish this!)
200 bk hard (this felt pretty strong)

Set 1:
8 x 25 fly on :40
8 x 25 bk on :40
12 x 75 fr on 1:15 (these were consistently at 1:02)

Set 2:
Straight 1000, swum as:
400 fr (negative split--probably went 2:59, 2:58)
300 pull (negative split, I swam harder in the back half, but didn't catch the times)
200 kick (negative split... uh...)
100 fr

Last set (this also served as my cool-down, since I had to get out a little early to get my youngest off to school):
5 x 75 IM (no free) on 1:40
25 EZ fr and out... (set was actually supposed to be 8 x 75 IM on 1:40, but coach said this last set we could leave whenever we needed to)

3700 SCY

Coach said my stroke looks good and he was happy with the workout we did, so yay! Seems like a good group, I liked the variety in the workout (left to my own devices I default to all free maybe a little back).

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