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Workout 09/06/15: OW

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by , September 6th, 2015 at 11:04 PM (1141 Views)
Searsburg Reservoir:

This was my first time swimming in here, and the last group swim of the summer. I drove over with Matt and met Greg at the parking area. This is a smaller body of water, the second reservoir of the Deerfield River that pools up for electricity generation. I have a track of the swim noted here:

On the northeast side of the bowl we found the river spilling in, and to the southeast a white building, where water flows over a spillway and on to another reservoir. Water on the surface was great, around 74f, but just two or three feet below our catch yielded cold water, about ten degrees cooler. Notice that one lonely tree has fallen victim to fall foliage, the only one thus far that I have seen.

Here is a picture looking east from the parking area:

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