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Friday must be IM day...

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by , September 11th, 2015 at 10:24 AM (3127 Views)
400 fr DPS
400 IM (dr, k, dr, swim by 25s)

16 x 25 fr on :30 (desc. 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16)
16 x 25 1IMO on :35

10 x 100 fr on 1:40 (desc. 1-4, etc.)
6 x 100 IM on 2:00 (desc. 1-4)

16 x 50 on 1:15 (1-3 kick, 4 fr DPS, repeat)

I only got through the first two rounds of the final set (I always have to get out at 10 till to make it back to the house in time to get my son off to school), but still made 3600 SCY today and the 100s felt really good... after descending the first 4 I ended up holding about 1:22-1:23 for the rest of the set. My 25s fr were descending from about :19-:20 to :16... maybe even closing in on :15. In just a week, I think the coach has done a really good job of designing workouts that are challenging but are appropriate for the level we're all at (there are four of us swimming now). It's been fun.

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