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Survey Says ... (September-October 2015)

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by , September 1st, 2015 at 12:00 AM (3628 Views)
In the August issue of STREAMLINES, we posted a survey link with 20 questions about your SWIMMER reading habits. We wanted to know which departments and columns you read regularly to help us determine which ones might need to be updated or discontinued.

Actually, we wanted to know lots of things, such as: Do you like historical articles? Do you like profiles about members who swim fast or ones who have interesting lives outside the pool, or both, or neither? Do you prefer reading SWIMMER online or on paper? (Overwhelmingly, the latter.) How does SWIMMER compare to other magazines you read? (Seventy-five percent say as good as or better.)

Nearly 84 percent of you responded that you read every issue and nearly 12 percent read most issues. About 80 percent of you agree that SWIMMER strengthens your connection to swimming. Technique, training, and science and health features are the most read and most desired articles.

Near the end of the survey, we asked some open-ended questions about your likes and dislikes, as well as what youd like to see changedthis was your chance to sound off on anything and everything about the magazine.

Some of the findings were expected; some were a surprise. All the data will be used to help us plan future issues. As a group, your range of interests and goals means that meeting everyones desires in every issue is unlikely, but its a challenge we relish and commit to every day.

The majority of the responses were positiveWhen asked what youd like to see changed, many of you answered nothing or 12 issues instead of six! That answer triggered gasps from our small but dedicated magazine staff, but we felt an immense sense of gratitude and honor that were able to produce something that our readers want more of.

But not everyone is happy with the magazine, and we appreciate the constructive criticism we received. It will help us become a better publication. To our relief, only a tiny few of the responses would be appropriate for the Mean Tweets skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to share your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for your ongoing support and for helping us to continue making improvements to SWIMMERthis is your magazine and we want you to love it as much as we love working on it.

As always, you can contact me directly with your feedback at

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