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The princess, I mean swimmer and the pea

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by , September 30th, 2015 at 10:43 AM (1924 Views)
Finally the pool was just perfect this morning. The sun was on the other side of the building, the water temp. was not too hot, not too cold and only a few swimmers. A great day to be in the water.
I have been biking and some small swims in the Gulf, but the heat has been tough to work out in.
When I did the postal my husband said I looked like I was, kicking more than the other swimmers. Not good. The legs are the biggest muscles and suck up way too much oxygen. Must be the biking, plus my kicking is too large instead of fluttering under the surface. My arms have to catch up to the rest of me. They are slow. That is what I worked on today and will continue to work on my arms and plus my core is weak too. A long way from where I want to be. Ugh! Hope I am not just dreamin. This swimming takes dedication like anything else in life in order to be good at it. That is tough for meconsistency. I admire those here who persevere.

500 warm up
300 kick
200 arms
10 25s on 35-45 it varied but I was strong on the last ones
500 any thing
250 free
500 flippers under water (my favorite)
250 free with flippers (couldnt resist)
250 cool down
10 push up on the pool end (next aim for 20)
Total 2750

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I would not try to slow your kick down. Having a strong kick is a big key to swimming fast in the pool. If you look at lot of the top swimmers they 6 beat kick no matter the distance. There are drills you can do to work on stroke and tempo that can help.
  2. flippergirl's Avatar
    Thanks Stewart. I need to do drills. Any suggestions on a book for drills? I just remembered I used to do some of Andes workouts and the website has some info.