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by , October 24th, 2015 at 09:30 PM (4081 Views)
I am rather frustrated with myself - I've been burning the candle at both ends again, I suppose. I had a goal this week, of swimming Mon-Fri (AM's) so that I could take off today and do some painting around the house, without feeling time strapped. So what happens? On Tues nite, I must've gone to bed too late, plus I slept poorly, waking up frequently, so that Wed., coming home from work I was so hammered, I went to bed (on & off) at 6:30pm. (I felt so strange the last 5miles home, I was kinda dizzy, but I wasn't, and I knew I was exhausted, but I felt quite alert - it was weird.) Slept fairly well, but still felt off in the AM, so didn't go to the gym OR the pool. Swam a good set yesterday ~4000, and today I thought, I'd better sleep in, make sure I'm healthy. Piddled my day away, finally got to the gym around 3pm, and never made it to the pool.
Spent some quality time with my oldest daughter, went out to dinner, and I'm thinking, I can do better! Swimming, or rather working out, on the weekends is always so pathetic for me!
So I have Plan A, and Plan B:
Plan A - attempt once again to swim Mon-Fri. This requires going to bed by 9pm, with eyes shuttered at 9:30.
Plan B - if some unforeseen sleep deprivation or other disaster occurs, is to get up on Saturday like I would during the week, and if needed, TAKE A NAP in the afternoon!

I can do this! Mind over Mattress!

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    the story of my swim training, more often than not, is having at least Plan A and B, possibly C, and ending up in Plan X (no swimming) ... especially when sleep deprivation is in the way.

    Roll with it and good luck hitting one of those plans.
  2. Celestial's Avatar
    Thx. We'll see how it goes! Next Saturday I want to go zip-lining, so I am pretty motivated!