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USMS Leadership (November-December 2015)

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by , November 1st, 2015 at 12:00 AM (3515 Views)
In October of this year the USMS House of Delegates concluded its 43rd annual meeting, at the 2015 United States Aquatic Sports Convention in Kansas City, Mo.

During the annual meeting, officers are elected and rules and policies are voted upon. If you want to spend some time on the dry side of the sport you love, visit the For Volunteers tab at for more information.

Policy decisions and strategic planning are the purview of our dedicated volunteer leaders. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors comprises the president, four vice-presidents (administration, local operations, programs, and community services), secretary, treasurer, immediate past president, and legal counsel. Eight at-large directors, one from each zone, sit on the greater BOD. Most of the 20 USMS committees report to one of the four vice presidents. The House of Delegates is composed of USMS members whove stepped up to represent their LMSCs and their number depends upon the size of their LMSCs.

The executive director oversees the National Office staff and reports to the Board of Directors. Its the staffs responsibility to enact the vision, mission, and strategic planning directives of the organization. This year, a special subcommittee of the BOD is tasked with an important job: choosing our next executive director.

For the past nearly eight years USMSs current executive director, Rob Butcher, has presided over the period of the most growth and change USMS has seen in its 45-plus-year historya period in which USMS evolved from an all-volunteer organization to a volunteer-led and professionally-managed one. His tenure started with establishing the first headquarters and hiring the National Office staff. It will end on December 31 this year with USMS having tripled its revenue and increased its membership by more than 50 percent.

When Rob started at USMS, he went on a fact-finding mission that would make NASAs Mars Rover proud. He met with longtime volunteer leaders for hours on end, soaking up as much organizational history and culture as he could. He visited clubs, workout groups, and events all over the country, talking to anyone and everyone about Masters Swimmingin context of both the bigger picture and how they, as individuals, were experiencing it.

Hes the kind of guy who would jump in your pool and join swimmers in a lively argument over why breaststroke is better than backstroke, then hang out at your after-workout pizza party getting to know you. Most importantly, he listened and remembered your concerns and ideas and used them to formulate winning strategies that transformed USMS. Every single one of usand I mean all (as of this moment) 63,648 of ushas benefitted from Robs leadership and passion for Masters Swimming.

Hes been an integral part of every important initiative undertaken in the past eight yearsfrom rebranding to educating and supporting coaches to USMSs growing adult learn-to-swim movement.

On January 1, 2016, Rob will step into the president and CEO role at Swim Across America, a charitable organization that, through swimming events, raises money for cancer research.

Thanks to Robs and the Boards hard work and dedication, USMS is positioned to continue thriving and growing, and providing you with an organization of which you can be a proud to call yourself a member.

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