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I am BUSHED! 11/06/15

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by , November 6th, 2015 at 12:05 PM (1415 Views)
Swam 5500 SCY this morning, and over 3000 of it was "hard". I think I am going to be hungry today!!

Marci is training for this crazy Ultra Man in February, and has to do nearly 5 mile swim on day one, so we are trying to get in 5000yd/meter workouts as frequently as we can. Today we managed to do well:
600 warm-up
8 x 50 pull no paddles on :50
10 x 100 alt IM & Free on 1:45 & 1:30
500 free
10 x 100 alt 1:20 & 1:30 Pull
500 free
5 x 100 kick/free by 50's on 1:45
5 x 100 with bouy around the ankles on 1:45
500 cool down
Really, I am bushed. I know the intervals don't sound that hard, but the effort expended WAS hard, so despite the rest, these were high quality swims. I am not "thrilled" with my repeat times, but I am pretty darn happy.

**Doing lots of thinking about different things lately. When I was a kid, I remember when I wanted to go faster, I think I just remembered to pull faster, maybe kick more. Now as an adult, I've noticed that when I want to go faster I seriously watch my technique and PULL HARDER, but not necessarily faster. So I'm sorta wondering, is that part of why kids are so much faster now-a-days than we were when I was a kid - because we are teaching them better technique & emphasis now?
***ALSO, when I'm pulling with the bouy around my ankles, we've noticed a serious pulling sensation very low in the abdomen (which is good) forcing us to press down on our T-Zone. So, I'm wondering, since men seem to carry their weight in their shoulders, and women their weight in their hips, is this why men are naturally faster - not to discount their increased strength period, but also because they naturally press their T-Zone deeper as they swim?

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