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Happy December! 12/01/15

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by , December 1st, 2015 at 10:48 AM (1597 Views)
Boy, didn't realize how sporadically I've been writing in here. I've had a rough month, physically. Plus travel & Thanksgiving. About a week before Thanksgiving I "popped a rib" meaning I dislocated it, and was in excruciating pain - took several days to convince me that it wasn't just a pulled muscle or nerve pain stemming from my neck. Went to the chiropractor and had him pop it back into place the Monday before Thanksgiving. I was still quite sore for a whole - but I am almost completely better now. I'm still not allowing myself to use paddles yet, as I tried that on Friday, and it exacerbated things again. I think I'll put the paddles on again next week. Just so happy to be able to swim & go to the gym - they say you don't appreciate your health until you lose it, and boy is that true!!!

Yesterday I was hammered from taking superboy back down to Tampa - his coach had them report at 6pm for practice - which he got out of because he had a toenail narrowed on Friday, and wasn't allowed back in the pool until Monday. But the swim coach wanted to see his pretty face anyway - anyhoo - the traffic was stop and go from Gainesville all the way to Tampa - made our 4.5 hour drive a 6.5 hour drive. Got home around 10pm and woke up yesterday too tired to do much more than go to work.

Back to normal today, fortunately!! Went to the gym for about an hour, and then to the pool to loosen up - did 2500 - a bunch of 300 yd sets, followed by a 100 easy.

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