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Tooting My Own Horn!! (12/14/15)

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by , December 14th, 2015 at 09:44 AM (3546 Views)
Basically solo swim at Meyers Park this morning. Couldn't decide what to really do after warm-up, so decided to go with boring, lol!
600 warm-up
4 x 300 various - one was kick, one pull, one drill, last one swim
4 x 600, 50 easy after each, 1st one swim, 2nd bouy no paddles, 3rd, bouy w/paddles, 4th swim. Goal was to build somewhat, and the last 100 was to be 90-95% effort. Was pretty tired.
At this point, I had only been swimming 61 minutes! (4300)
10 x 50 w/"shooters" off the walls on :50 - which ended up with me going "all out" for the first 30 yds or so
200 easy
2 x 150 breast/free
Total: 5300 SCY

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    Yeah, anything more than 4,000 in an hour is a lot!
  2. Celestial's Avatar