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After a long rest

Week 170 - Tuesday

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I slept much better last night and felt good when I woke up. Today's workout was a dryland workout. My ab power roller arrived on Saturday so today was test day. No doubts about it, it brings a whole new dimension to my abs. My only concern is that it significantly increases the pressure on my lower back which right now is very sore. I think I over did it today and will grow this in my core program. Today I used it twice per round of core exercises and on round 5 I was mush!!!!

5x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest)
2x(shoulder exercises with bands)
4x(5xabs done as :45 secs on and :15 second transition) with 1min between rounds.
6x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest) all out
5 mins on stationary bike
5 mins on elliptical machine
5 mins of one leg pushes on vasa against the wall(10 pushes per leg)

i am tired!!!

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