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After a long rest

Week 170 - Thursday

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I had another good nights sleep. I think this was partly due to my sons choice of movie last night. We decided to do a family movie night and persuaded my son to join us by giving him the right to choose the movie. Of course, he had to choose Terminator Genisys which put me to sleep within 15 minutes. Immediately after the movie I went to bed and slept like a baby. I woke up feeling pretty good.

Today was another dryland workout and once again I used my new power roller or as I now like to refer to it "the wheel of torture".

5x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest)
2x(shoulder exercises with bands)
5x(5xabs done as :45 secs on and :15 second transition) with 1min between rounds.
6x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest) all out
5 mins on stationary bike
5 mins on elliptical machine
5 mins of one leg pushes on vasa against the wall(10 pushes per leg)

i really worked the abs and vasa today and was hurting so bad it took me a good 3-4 minutes to get up after the last round of abs.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Are you doing :45 of roll outs or pike ups?
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    Are you doing :45 of roll outs or pike ups?
    i did straight roll outs and oblique roll outs per round for :45 per exercise per round. I found the foot straps too small for my feet so I will need to find a bigger strap before doing the pike.