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Thursdayi Dec 31

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Swim/SCY @ Sewy

Warm up:

500 various
100 scull
8 x 25 shooters w/fins
100 EZ

Main sets:

4 x 25 burst + cruise, 50 EZ
4 x 25 stroke rate drills, 50 EZ

8 x (25 AFAP + 75 EZ) @ 3:00-3:30
-- the pool was packed and I was splitting a lane so I opted for
-- 2 breast, 6 flutter kick (no fins)
-- I couldn't see my times bc the clocks were not synched
-- my flutter kick is much worse than my dolphin kick, so probably should work on it more
100 EZ

Jim & Bill arrived at this point, so I swam one set with them and then went back to sprinty things.

10 x 50 @ 1:00
-- I did 2 x (4 x 50 DPS w/paddles + 1 x 50 EZ)

6 x 25 power kick w/drag sox (Bill tried some with me)
6 x 25 shooters w/drag sox & fins
150 EZ

8 x 25 w/paddles, fins & parachute
150 EZ

Total: 3400


It was a mob scene at the pool yesterday. There were only three lanes for lap swim with 50+ kids in the other three lanes -- my worst nightmare. But I managed to split a lane or share with Jim & Bill for the most part. I'm pretty tired from that effort so will pass on the pool mob scene today.

I failed at staying up until midnight last night, despite a gaggle of loud girls at our house for a sleepover. Mr. Fort and I re-watched the two latest Star Trek movies to continue our debate over which series is better -- Star Wars or Star Trek.

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  1. Doug Martin's Avatar
    That's a long workout! 3400 with a lot of sprints and power work. How are you finding the drag sox?
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Martin
    That's a long workout! 3400 with a lot of sprints and power work. How are you finding the drag sox?
    Did more than usual since I didn't think I'd swim today.

    Haven't used the drag sox too much yet. Plan to use them more when I'm doing more solo workouts. They seem exceedingly hard right now ... difficult to SDK to the 15m mark ...