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After a long rest

Week 170 - Saturday

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I had a great nights sleep but woke up with a sore muscle on the inside of my left leg. I guess I slept in it strangely or something but even now I can still feel it. It did not interfere with swimming but I imagine if I did breast stroke it would be uncomfortable. If it's not one thing it's another.

Today was was our normal Saturday race pace set and despite not hitting my goal time for all 16 I got further than last week and I think a few more attempts I will be back to making all of them at which time we will start reducing the send off time.

500 free with snorkel
12 X 50 drill/build on :50
16x100 free on 2mins at 500 race pace
500 free with snorkel

The first few were tough today before hitting a groove and I was able to hold :56s until #12. I failed on 13 going :58 but instead of skipping I went easy on #14 and then went :57 on #15 and finished with a :55 on the last one. I was really tired today and throughout the afternoon I have felt like I am fighting a bug. Fingers crossed a good night of sleep and I will be back in my groove.

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