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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Saturday, January 23, 2016 11:00am workout

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As I entered the pool, the age groupers I used to swim with were just getting out of their morning workout. I talked with the coach, and he told me what they got to do for their main set:
200, rest 1:00
175, rest :50
150, rest :40
125, rest :30
100, rest :20
75, rest :10
50, rest :05

The killer part was...One series through of EACH STROKE!

Well, that gave me the idea for my swim today... (stupid James as always)

After a short warmup, I went for the Fly round (only one worth doing IMO)
I did have a lane to myself for this too.
200 Fly - went 2:23, took a 1:00 rest
175 Fly - went about 2:10, took :50 rest...hugging the laneline for support...
150 Fly - well, more like a 50 Fly, and then give up.

I did end up going 2500 yards for the day, though my second half was a lot of kicking in the overcrowded lap lanes

A few good things from Fly confidence is back...I've been scared to swim long fly all fall and winter, but know I need to get back into it.
Also nice to know I could do a semi-relaxed 2:23 from a push. Now just need to get into a meet someday to put a time on the board! Hopefully I can be under 2:10.

Knowing I can make the tough part, my next goal is to work at this set until I can complete the entire 900 yards of the descending distances. This will really help me get ready for this summer's LC Nationals, which I still wish were short course.

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