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Workout Swimmer

Feb 23, 2016

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by , February 23rd, 2016 at 02:11 PM (2322 Views)
Just got back from watching our son at his final college conference meet - best times in 3 out of 4, so happy for him! It was a great weekend, and a wonderfully run meet by the SSC officials at Orlando YMCA on I-Drive, as usual.
Swam about 4300 LCM yesterday on my own
Today, went over after weights at Kinetix (love that place!) and only got in 2200SCY - however that was in 30 minutes - so a total win! After all if I went 2200 every 30 min, I would do 6600 in my usual time in the pool - but we all know that doesn't happen, with intervals, resting, talking. . . . but I swam solo again, so. . .

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