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Of Swimming Bondage

Cal State Northridge & Sprinter Psych

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by , March 3rd, 2016 at 01:40 PM (111 Views)
I remember my father, back in the days when he golfed, making the comment to the effect that, even if the game didn't go so well, it was often relaxing just to be golfing in a beautiful setting. As I sucked so horribly at golf and am horribly competitive, I never quite reached that level of golf zen, but I do feel the same way about swimming. It's even more rewarding when you come across a new pool in a sweet setting and then swim well, as I did this morning when I dropped into the Cal State U - Northridge's Plaza Pool for a morning swim -

I had the pool almost completely to myself and did this taper-like workout:
  • 1 x 300: fly-back-free by 100, kick-drill by 25
  • 3 x 100: on 1:20, descend w/snorkel (1:11 -> 1:02)
  • 4 x 75: on 1:15, kick on back descend, odd laps dolphin, even laps backstroke kick
  • 6 x 50: on 0:55, #1 and #6 cruise, #2 to #5 as fly (0:30), free (0:30), back (0:32+), free (0:29+)
  • 12 x 25: on 0:30, odds easy, evens done strong fly, free, back, free, fly, free
  • 1 x 50: easy
  • 3 rounds of:
    • 2 x 50: on 0:45, hold 0:30 lows (did that w/a couple 0:29+)
    • 1 x 100: on 1:30, hold 1:01s (did that; target 1000 pace)
    • 1 x 50: on 1:30, w/snorkel, floppy fish drill

  • 4 x 50: on 0:45, 0:50, 0:55, active recovery and drills

TOTAL: 2,500 SCY

  • Felt pretty good this morning and really liked this pool, more for the setting as it was an old-school, no gutter pool, but it's a nice addition to my list and good to know about as they have generous lap hours and, according to the lifeguard and one other patron, it is rarely crowded.
  • Psych sheets are up (and attached) for this Sunday's sprint meet. Naturally, I wish Kurt or Sean Justice or some other fast swimmer was there to race the 1000 with me, but I'm feeling more optimistic about that and hope I can notch a good time. I will choose my Nationals events and submit my entry later on Sunday or Monday based upon how that 1000 and 200 fly go.
  • The pace set felt pretty good. If I can get under my 10:22.0 time from last year this Sunday (which is also my Masters best), I'll be happy, but I'd really like to get under 10:10 so I can, if I choose to swim it at Nationals, get seeded with the studs.

Updated pool list -
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