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Tuesday March 29

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Swim/SCY @ Sewy with Bill & Jim

600 various
100 scull
2 x 25 shooters
3 x (50 double shooter w/fins + 50 EZ)
6 x 25 power kicks @ :45
50 EZ
5-6 x (4 x 25 IM order @ 100 pace @ :45 + 50 EZ) -- Jim & Bill were doing short rest 50s while I did this.
150 REZ

Total: 2150


I decided it was better to just back off for a couple days to see if that might help me feel better. Sometimes continuing to push just makes it worse. And it's not like I'm going to get that out of shape for a sprinter. So I did a very easy workout yesterday with no AFAP work. I feel somewhat better today, just still lethargic. Doing the same today. I haven't stretched in ages, so will try to do some of that as well. Hopefully, I'll feel recovered by Friday for my meet. If not, I'll enter one day of Zones. I'd just prefer to swim this weekend and then train hard for three weeks before nationals.

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