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Ohio State Meet, Sat Apr 2

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Emboldened by my phoenix like rise from mono in the nick of time for NE Champs, I made the journey to Ohio State for the Huntington meet. I was perhaps overly emboldened, as well as overly obsessed with sticking to my meet plan for the month. I did not feel quite 100%. I tried to compensate for some fatigue with extra caffeine. Then I just felt tired but wired. Still, even though I felt a little off, shutting it down in the pool for the last few days really helped. I swam some very fast in season times -- no doubt due to an assist from a super fast pool. The meet went quickly and clocked in under 3 hours. My events were all swum in about 2 hours.

50 back, 27.43

This event just felt labored the whole way. My legs felt quite tired -- probably from my last hard drylands session. I had decided to try taking 7 strokes the first length instead of 8 (I seem caught between 7 and 8.). This resulted in a major glide into the turn and a poor push off. I feel like that cost me a few tenths. Honestly, I expected to be a good half second slower and was pleasantly surprised when I saw my time. But I felt dead afterward and had a hard time getting my heart rate down.

50 breast, 32.84

I had a very good start and executed fairly well except for my walls. I had to short stroke both walls. Because I don't race breaststroke all that much, I have no idea what my stroke count is or should be. I just know that, in the past, gliding into the walls has killed my momentum. This race felt like a breeze compared to the 50 back. And my time was only .04 off my tapered PR from 2013 nationals. Was stoked with this time, which was .4 faster than my time at the Sprint Classic (where I had good walls). This is only the second time I've been under :33.

100 IM, no swim

There were only 8-9 heats between 50 breast and 100 IM. I just couldn't do it. I felt very tired and went to lay down on my yoga mat for half a hour to reboot. In retrospect, if I had wanted to swim 100 IM, I should have skipped the 50 breast. Not a big deal, and then I had some real rest before 50 fly.

50 fly, 26.06

I popped back in the warm up pool to wake myself up before this race and try to get psyched. I was sitting next to a couple guys who were swimming this event and had seen my 50 back. They said, "it's on!" And, well, who can resist that kind of good natured trash talk? So I got ready to swim fast. This was my best race of the day. I felt like I flew off the blocks. I wish they had reaction times posted. My UWs were good, breakouts were good, finish was good. I just had a slight glide into the first wall after taking 5 strokes, but nothing major. Was extremely happy with the time, which was again .4 faster than my time at the Sprint Classic (a meet for which I was more rested). This race felt much better than my 50 back. I'm not sure why that first race felt so awful.


Very glad that I made the effort to race at the meet and happy with my times. 50s require a lot of racing to fine tune. I think these are all my best "in season" times. Of course now I'm wondering how many tenths can be attributed to the fin? Haha. I feel more tired from this meet than I was after Albatross. I hope I can shake off this fatigue soon. Off to the gym.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Great swims, especially that 50 fly. What's your tapered/shaved best in that?
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pwb
    Great swims, especially that 50 fly. What's your tapered/shaved best in that?
    Thanks. My PR is 25.70 from nationals in 2013 when I was at the very top of my game before moving to Pittsburgh. I've only been under :26 twice, both times tapered. So this is a fast swim for me on short rest. Shaving makes virtually no difference for me.