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Mon April 4

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Swim/SCY/Solo @ Sewy

Warm up:

500 various
100 scull
4 x 25 shooters
100 EZ

Main sets:

8 x 25 burst + cruise @ 1:00
100 EZ

2 rounds w/fins, fast = 100 pace
1 x 25 fast fly @ :30
1 x 50 EZ @ 1:00
1 x 25 fast fly + :10 rest + 1 x 25 fast back
1 x 50 EZ @ 1:30
1 x 25 fast fly + 25 fast back + 25 fast breast @ :10 rest
1 x 50 EZ @ 1:30
1 x 4 x 25 fast IM order @ :10 rest
1 x 100 EZ

extra 100 EZ

10 x 25 breast dolphin @ 100 pace @ :45
-- mostly 16s
200 EZ

10 x 25 dolphin kick w/board @ 100 pace
250 EZ

Total: 3150

30 minutes of foam rolling/stretching/yoga


Well, I feel pretty plastered after that effort, and felt tired during it. In retrospect, after pushing my body to the max at a meet when I wasn't quite 100%, I should have limited myself to a recovery swim yesterday. Instead, I did that double -- anxious to ramp up my training again. I should give away my ivy league degree and put on my dunce cap! I feel a bit better after stretching some, but my shoulders and back are quite sore. Hopefully, I can sleep it off ...

I've been wondering how to approach both USMS Nationals and Canadian Nationals. So I looked back at my blog, very handy. The last time I rested for two big meets was Zones and Nationals in 2013, both of which were great meets for me. I laid off the weights 10 days before Zones and then for the three weeks between Zones and Nationals. So I guess I'll adopt the same approach this time around wrt weights. I also see that I rested a week for Zones, bumped it up for a week after and then tapered two weeks for nationals. So I guess I have a plan!

One thing that I also noticed looking back at my blog is that I used to do more recovery workouts than I seem to be doing these days ... so perhaps I shouldn't worry that I have to do one tomorrow. My workouts also seem to be a bit unimaginative these days -- probably from no longer writing the HIT workouts in the workout forum.

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