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Wed Apr 6

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rehab ex
natalie coughlin stability exercise, 1 x 10 each leg
single leg stand on flat side of bosu in streamline w/pair of 8 lb DBs, 1:00 each leg
hip thrusters, 35 x 3 x 15
good mornings, 95 x 2 x 5, 100 x 2 x 3 (max)
push press, 60 x 4 x 6
HS hi row, 170 x 4 x 5
explosive leg extensions, 105 x 3 x 30
resisted standing broad jumps, 30 x 2 x 5
squat jumps w/10 lb DBs, 2 x 5
altitude drops w/10 lb DBs, 2 x 5
freestyle boxing punches, 2 x 20
hip adductors, 150 x 4 x 8

Swim/SCY @ Pitt

Warm up:

500 various
10 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :40
50 EZ

They did: 2 x (8 x 25 @ :30) of something or other
I did: 2 x (4 x 25 burst + cruise @ 1:00 + 50 EZ)

Main sets:

They did 6 rounds of:
8 x 25 @ :30 (2 fly, 2 breast, 2 back)
2 x 100 @ 1:40 (IM or stroke)
1 x 50 EZ

I did 5 rounds of: (2 rounds fly w/fins, 2 rounds breast, 1 round dolphin kick)
8 x 25 @ 100 pace @ :40
1 x 100 EZ

I did 2 x 25 of the 6th round, but was cramping so I stopped and did 200 EZ

Total: 2850


I felt really rough when I woke up yesterday. I dragged myself to the gym around 1:00 pm, and felt much better afterward. So much better that I decided to go to Pitt for practice. The club kids are on break so we had a lot more lanes than usual. I shared a lane in the deep end with Lindsay and modified around her. I was glad that we were doing 25s though, and I needed some 100 pace work. Still, after a hard gym session, I started to really strain on the third round. Breast @ :40 is not easy.

I'm sore from weights today, but I think this is the strongest I've been in years.

I didn't feel too badly this am, just some fatigue and chest congestion. And I'm starting to lose my voice. It definitely seems to be allergies that have plagued me. And the weather here is crazy -- one day 70, the next day 30.

I am very jealous of Fort21. The Aussie Olympic Trials are in Adelaide and she is attending for a few days before her spring break trip.

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Updated April 7th, 2016 at 11:48 AM by The Fortress

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  1. Water Rat's Avatar
    It's funny to see you training breaststroke and not backstroke? Glad you're feeling better though
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Water Rat
    It's funny to see you training breaststroke and not backstroke? Glad you're feeling better though
    The last two rounds of the 8 x 25 were supposed to be backstroke, but I didn't think I had the lungs (too congested) to stay underwater at that point. And, if you haven't noticed, I've become something of a breaststroker.
  3. Water Rat's Avatar
    Oh I've definitely noticed! keeping me on my toes