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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

04/19/16: 5th Annual Monumental Masters Mini Meet

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Today started a little after 8 at the Rec helping to get the pool set up for our meet and my son headed to the airport to pick up our airborne swimmers Maurice and his teammate Liz. As folks started to arrive we welcomed them in as the the volunteers obtained their roles and the pool area filled with excitement. I hopped in to warm up after meeting with the officials and making sure that everything was all set. My sister and brother decided to show up just ten minutes before the meet started just to give me another reason to worry

We started off with the 200 Medley Relay. Since the Leake contingent was only three deep this year, we were able to have Gabby, who swam in high school with us) swim with us: Jill, Me, Gabby, Jeff - 2:17.38.

Next up was the 200 IM: stayed long and strong and went 2:21.53 - almost beat the team I then changed into my Yingfa and took splits as the meet went on. I ended up swimming the 500 since only one guy signed up, so I used it as a warmup for the 100 IM. Swam right next to my brother and went 13.11, 14.33 (27.33), 19.34 (46.67), 14.39 (1:01.17). A solid swim but I went out a little slower than I did at Harvard. I then did a 100 fly warmdown before the final event of the day: 200 free relay. Jill, Mike, Gabby, Jeff = 1:59.07.

After the meet I took Maurice and Liz back to the airport and watched as they headed for home. We ended up with 36 entries as Pittsfield and Great Barrington came in force. From our team: Amanda, Carol, MG, Gabby, Matt, Greg (solid 50 free and breast!), Kevin and the three Leake's. I gave prizes that included homemade ribbons that my wife sewed, goodies from and some maple syrup that the Marauders' coach made. There were two delays with the timing system but I was able to fill in the time with some talk. As a meet director I worry about getting folks to the pool but also having the meet run smoothly. Sometimes these hickups can not be avoided and I trust that they will be used as a learning experience for future events.

All in all another great time with swimming friends old and new and a good donation to the Marauders to help continue youth swimming in our community.

Warmups - that's me in at the wall

Heat two of the 50 free. Greg JS, my brother Jeff, Christian Avard, and Kevin from our team. Our meet is the first to make use of the new scoreboard!

Some people swim fly in a swim meet. Others fly to a swim meet! Maurice and his teammate Liz flew in from Concord, NH, in this beautiful Cessna 172

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  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    Glad you got the meet in Mike and it went smoothly. Nice times in the 2IM and 1Free.
  2. Karl_S's Avatar
    'glad the meet went on as scheduled. Too many meets get cancelled when there aren't a lot of entries.
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Thanks guys. Our mini meet have a tough time getting over 25 in this neck of the woods. Adding some pictures to the post now.
  4. GregJS's Avatar
    Thanks for putting on another good one, Mike. And those few little delays were a minuscule price to pay for how cool it was to have that scoreboard right there with our times on it.
  5. rxleakem's Avatar
    I agree with you, Greg - that board is pretty sweet! Here is a pic that Rebecca took during the 100 free - your start was strong!