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After a long rest

USMS South Central Zone Meet

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Unfortunately results are not posted on line for this meet yet and I did a really bad job seeing exact times. I was not really looking forward to this meet and was not confident I would swim that great. As it turned out I enjoyed the meet much more than I thought and swam pretty good. I am still no where near where I have been or want to be but I am improving and despite being tired after each swim my confidence is coming back.

Day 1

500 free - 5:03 - this time is not that great but I was pleased with the fact that I swam this and actually had energy left at the end. I was out way too slow and conservative and negative split this one. I think with some rest I will have a good swim at Nationals.

200 back - 2:02.7. I was really pleased with this swim. Again I was out very conservative but came back really strong. My splits were :29, :31,:31,:31 and I felt like I could have turned at 200 and done another 50 at that pace. This was probably my best swim all weekend and the one I feel most confident with right now.

50 free - :23.1 from my best swim this weekend to my worst. I had an ok start but my turn was awful and I felt like I died coming back. How can I die in a 50?

Day 2

200 Breast - 2:33.4. I have never swum the 200yd breast before so I can proudly say this was a life time best. 100% not my event and likely the last time I swim this for a while. That said I enjoyed swimming in the same heat as Dave Guthrie and it was fun in a very painful way!

100 Free - :50.5. I had a good start and felt good through 75. Steve Wood was in the next lane to me and I was ahead until the last turn where I jammed my turn similar to the 50 and never recovered. Despite a poor last 50 this was a much better swim than 2 weeks ago and I believe I have a good 100 in me in the not too distant future.

200 IM - 2:09.3. I was very tired on this one. If the 2IM did not include breast I would have another event to swim frequently but alas my breast is just not strong enough and I have little to no desire to work on this stroke. It's so alien to me!

My plan was to make a decision on nationals after this meet based on how I felt and how I swam 3 weeks out. At the end of the meet yesterday I was thinking I would pull out however I had a great nights sleep and woke this morning feeling decent. Despite not setting the world on fire this weekend I have decided I will not embarrass myself at Nationals and will compete. I enjoy racing and will do my best to race and have fun and it will be what it will be.

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  1. flystorms's Avatar
    Great to see you, as always. Considering you're at the peak of training before Nationals and you haven't been feeling 100%, just think about how well you'll do once you're tapered, rested, and are getting good sleep. Stewart, you'll do great in Greensboro!

    PS.... I'm right there with you on the breast stroke.... it's so foreign. LOL! But you did a pretty good job of it.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Nice job Stewart! I think those are good times -- especially considering that you did a best average set the day before a meet (!). I think you'll be a monster with some rest. And you should have confidence just based on all your practice times.

    FYI Mike Ross threw down some good times in the 50/100 free & 50/100 back at Zones:
  3. Water Rat's Avatar
    I think that's a great result yesterday with ZERO rest. you will slingshot to a great Greensboro.
    and you can easily die in a 50 when you're unrested. I know from plenty of experience.

    Fort, Neill threw down some really nice breaststroke and IM times.
  4. knelson's Avatar
    No, I don't think you will embarrass yourself! Looks like you are right on target to me!
  5. rxleakem's Avatar
    Well done, Stewart! With all of the health obstacles you have been facing, those are some solid swims. Waiting for results in a couple of weeks it Nationals is a go!
  6. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Thankyou every one. I really appreciate all the support.

    I am on the mend and hopefully everything will come together for nationals. No matter what I will have fun!

    Fort, Mike Ross' times are not good they are excellent. Unbelievably quick and highly likely to be #1 times in the back events.